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SDKSocial is a Cloud Based Mobile Program that enables Service Providers to offer the best of both a traditional MVNO and an OTT service.
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Why Choose SDKSocial

Go beyond VoIP limitations with Voice and SMS that works "Off App".

Social SDK for OTT Services

Add mobile numbers to your OTT App. Order the numbers to suit your apps needs and users. They can be paired to your own OTT app or site.

Voice and SMS capable numbers

Receive messages and Calls "Off App". Voice and SMS without VoIP Limitations. Your numbers work anywhere any time and function as a traditional mobile number.

Easy customization

Integrate Voice and SMS into your App. Our SDK will feed in numbers for your App at the press of a button. Set up Chat, Number Protect and OTP Verification.

Download our SDK

Download the latest SDK from SDKSocial or choose to use HTML5 for mobile web site.

Find more titles from us on the Play Store.

Make Your App Social

Unleash the power of your user base by making your App Social! Letting users communicate with you and other users using SMS and Voice.

Social Messaging

Do your users migrate to social messaging services? e.g. WhatsApp, Skype. You can now become that platform.

User Friendly

Now you can keep them using your messaging - on and more importantly "off app".

Powerful Admin

Allocate numbers for your services via the SDK or HTML5.

Unique Value

The ultimate Value Add for your Social services. Separate yourself further from your competitors with SDKSocial.

Clean Code

Easy to add and update live services with our simple to install SDK or HTML5 code.

24x7 Support

Help round the clock with installation or help.

Super easy implementation

Get it in your App with only a few lines of code.

Android Code

Android Code

HTML5 Code


Cocoapods Code

What Our Client's Says

Our SDK and HTML5 has been deployed across dating and social services. Read more about what they are saying about us.
Easy to add Virtual Numbers to our Mobile site. Currently in BETA we hope to expand this service to all users.
Adding the SMS feature for our users to communicate with was easy. It took a couple of hours. Now we have a Secret number feature on our chat service and it keeps them further away from WhatsApp!
Blackhat Media
IfoundU allows other users to find someone based on their interests. IfoundU added SocialSDK to their dating services allowing UK users to text to other paid members who have a Dating number.
Send our users private SMS on Virtual Numbers. Flirtymob members send 500 messages every minute! Using SDKSocial we are now doing most of our messages to users on SMS! We are continuing to roll this out in Beta.

View App Screenshots

Example Screenshots of Apps and Social Sites using SDKSocial.

Latest Blog Post

SDKSocial news and updates
Loveleap and Virtual Numbers

Loveleap and Virtual Numbers

With a user base of several million active users, Loveleap are finding users interacting with Virtual Numbers. Loveleap one of the first and most popular social sites, is available on mobile web site, desktop and an App on Getjar. Once a user upgrades to a paid member they are given a Virtual Number. Currently using […]

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GlobalBagTag and several more add Virtual Numbers

GlobalBagTag and several more add Virtual Numbers

Its not just Chat, Social and Dating where SDKSocial has been used. GlobalBagTag a service operating for years in the UK has added the functionality of Virtual Mobile numbers to their tags. Now when a bag is found, you can SMS to the bag tag to get the details of the owner! Read more on […]

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Using OTP SMS, Number Protect and Chat with SDKSocial

SDKSocial allows you to set up several services: OTP Verification Number Protect Chat   OTP Verification How it works: User sent One Time Password for verification (SMS or Voice). User enters OTP (PIN) on Site, App OR replies back from Virtual Mobile Number.* * User can reply to VMN with OTP or enter OTP on […]

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Example Small

Burner Numbers for Social Sites!

SDKSocial allows Apps and Websites with ability to provide users with additional mobile number(s) on their existing phone, transforming¬†their handset into two or more numbers. e.g. receive messages from APP to a SDKSocial assigned number. SDKSocial enables companies to create multiple numbers on their users phones, allowing them to keep their native number private, perfect […]

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