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Loveleap and Virtual Numbers

With a user base of several million active users, Loveleap are finding users interacting with Virtual Numbers.

Loveleap one of the first and most popular social sites, is available on mobile web site, desktop and an App on Getjar.

Once a user upgrades to a paid member they are given a Virtual Number. Currently using for chat, they are testing rolling out Voice support for Voice profiles.

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Loveleap Virtual Number



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Burner Numbers for Social Sites!

  • SDKSocial allows Apps and Websites with ability to provide users with additional mobile number(s) on their existing phone, transforming their handset into two or more numbers. e.g. receive messages from APP to a SDKSocial assigned number.
  • SDKSocial enables companies to create multiple numbers on their users phones, allowing them to keep their native number private, perfect for Social sites.
  • SDKSocial allows you to assign numbers for a length of time or lifetime (aka. Burner Numbers).

e.g. for a day, a month, or a lifetime.

It’s completely up to you.

  • SDKSocial works on tablets and laptops making it more flexible!




Your users using WhatsApp, Skype, etc? Keeping their communications away from you?

It likely that your users to go to WhatsApp, Skype etc to communicate off site.

Keep them engaged with your SDKSocial, move to “Off App” Communications


Secret, Backup Numbers

Create Multiple Numbers, keeping native number private.


Any device, “Off App”

Make and Receive Calls via any connected device including Mobile or Tablet.


No Signal

Works on Wifi, even when there’s no mobile signal.



For your Customers

All the magic happens in the cloud, so there’s no need for a new SIM or a new device.

Just use your extra numbers like the one you already have. Easy.

Instantly identify which number people are contacting you on, and choose which number you want to display as your caller ID.

And that’s not all,  users can reach each other completely free of charge.

You can also turn your tablet and laptop into working phones for more flexibility.

Use Cases for Cloud based numbers

  • Keep your Mobile number private e.g. Secret Numbers, Backup numbers.
  • Have separate numbers for separate services. chat, dating, etc.
  • Recycle and remove numbers once your done
  • Fast and convenient, allowing subscribers to take control of their security

Why use SDKSocial?

Why Use SDKSocial?

For Social Apps and Mobile sites SDKSocial gives your users the ability to:

  • Choose to receive calls and texts to add to your services
  • Receive calls and texts not just to handsets but to any internet connected device (iPad, tablets etc.) via our SDK or code
  • Make and receive the calls and text without any roaming charges
  • Ability to have ‘additional’ mobile #’s on the existing phone. e.g. Secret Backup, Secondary numbers
  • Ability to receive full inbound and outbound call-flow control
  • Use the number across multiple devices
  • Call and text anyone over wifi, 3G or 4G – Peer to Peer app not required
  • Connect over Wifi when abroad, and call and text at UK rates
  • Continue the conversation over laptop or tablet when your phone is out of battery
  • Enables multiple numbers to be assigned to a single number and allows subscribers to easily switch between profiles. Users can add and remove mobile numbers.


How it works?

  • Sign up
  • Choose if require SMS and Voice
  • Add service
  • Choose range of numbers
  • SDK or HTML5 code provided.
  • Allocate numbers to your services.